Candidates & Campaigns

  1. Candidate Manual (PDF)

    Read over a manual for candidates in Spokane County.

  2. Candidates Who Have Filed

    View a list of candidates who have filed for upcoming elections.

  3. Elected Precinct Committee Officers (PDF)

  4. Election Processing Forms

  5. Offices Open for Election

    View a list of Offices Open for Election in Spokane County for 2016.

  6. Online Candidate Filing

    This is the first step to file as a candidate.

  7. Political Parties

    Under state law (RCW 29A.04.086) a major political party is a political party of which at least one nominee for President of the United States, United States Senator, or a statewide office received at least five percent (5%) of the total votes cast in the last general election held in an even-numbered year.

  8. Precinct Maps

    View a variety of precinct maps and district maps.

  9. Quick Links

    Links to helpful related resources.

  10. Request for Voter Information

    Washington law provides that certain registration information about voters be made available to political campaigns and candidates for political purposes only (RCW 29A.08.720-740).

  11. Voter Registration Drives

    In the State of Washington anyone may conduct a voter registration drive. People who complete Voter Registration Forms during these efforts have an expectation they will be registered to vote in the next election.

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