Continuum of Care

Regional Continuum of Care

Spokane County partnered with the Regional Continuum of Care (CoC) and has representation on the Interagency Committee to End Homelessness (IAC), is a member of the Spokane Homeless Coalition and participates on multiple subcommittees of these groups. The County also provides representation for “The Hearth Academy”; a group formed to address the changes to the homeless system that will occur with the final rules of the Hearth Act. Planning ahead for the shift in federal priorities for homeless, along with new definition will prove beneficial when the Act’s Rule is released.

The Regional Governance Council, established for the purposes of the CoC, has an application review team in which the County participates. This interaction helps the County keep abreast of the projects/activities funded by the Human Services Department of the City of Spokane and assures that the county also provides similar homeless services to County citizens when they are in need. In this way, Spokane County hopes to encourage people to reestablish “home” around the County other than within the City of Spokane, should they desire to do so.