NLFCZD Advisory Board

The eight-member District Advisory Board is made up of five voting members and three alternates. The three alternate positions (non-voting, as maximum of 5 members is allowed by [RCW 86.15.070]), were added by the Board of County Commissioners in 1996 to broaden Advisory Board viewpoint base and increase the opportunity for residents to become involved in the operation of the District. Advisory Board meetings are generally held four times a year or as required by District activities.

NLFCZD Advisory Board Members

Position Name Term Expiring* Representing

Position 1

VACANT  2021 Forestry and Agriculture
Position 2
Dennis Rewinkel
(Assessment Payer)
2022 Seasonal/Lakefront
Position 3
Karen Stebbins
(Assessment Payer)
2020 Community Representative
Position 4
Lorne Burley
(Assessment Payer)
2019 Year-Round/Lakefront
Position 5(Voting) Suzanne O'Connell
(Non-Assessment Payer)
2021 Open Classification
Alternate 1
Karen Lee Taff (Assessment Payer) 2022 Year-Round/Lakefront
Alternate 2
VACANT 2019 Year-Round/Lakefront
Alternate 3
Wayne Smith (Non-Assessment Payer) 2019 Seasonal/Business/Lakefront
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