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Under Washington state law (Chapter 70.95 RCW), each county, in cooperation with cities located within, is required to prepare a coordinated, comprehensive solid waste management plan. Municipalities within the county are required to participate in the plan or develop their own. Solid waste plans provide long-term, environmentally-sound solid waste management guidelines. Solid waste plans in Washington State are required to be reviewed every five years and updated or revised as necessary. The 2009 Spokane County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (2009 Plan) currently guides the solid waste decisions and activities of the county and participating municipalities.

In 2014, as required, Spokane County reviewed and updated the 2009 Plan. Once adopted, this final draft solid waste management plan (2015 Plan) will guide Spokane County with regards to solid waste disposal for the next 20 years. The revised plan was developed using extensive public process, recommendations from regional cities, recommendations from the Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC), and guidance provided by Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology). A preliminary draft of the 2015 Plan was reviewed as required by Ecology. After the review, comments were addressed and incorporated into the final draft plan. The final draft plan was adopted by the Spokane County Board of Commissioners and each city/town jurisdiction included in the new inter-local agreement. It is now the new guide to the solid waste decisions and activities of the county, including each of the regional cities and jurisdictions participating within the inter-local agreement.