1. Board of Equalization

    The Spokane County Board of Equalization (BOE) is responsible for assuring that all real and personal property is entered on the County's assessment role at "fair value."

  2. Business Personal Property Tax

    View helpful information for filing Business Personal Property taxes.

  3. Current Use Programs

    Learn more about Current Use Programs pertaining to Farming and Agriculture, Open Space, and Timber Programs.

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

    View answers to questions asked frequently of the County Assessor's Office.

  5. Parcel Segregation

    An Assessor Segregation is broadly defined as any change in tax parcel configuration from what was previously described or mapped on the tax roll.

  6. Property Tax Exemption Program

    Learn how to qualify for and apply for property tax exemption in Spokane County.

  7. Tax Deferral Programs

    Learn more about the different tax referral programs available, including limited income, senior or disabled persons, and Open Space Taxation Act programs.