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Starting a Neighborhood Watch

                         Starting a Neighborhood Watch (or Block Watch) 
  • Just call the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at 509-477-3055 to get started
  • Fill out the organizer application and return to the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
  • Schedule a meeting with your neighbors and invite a Crime Prevention Deputy and/or the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. We'll give a presentation on crime prevention tips and provide materials for attendees.   
 We encourage face to face meeting at least three times a year to talk about what is going on in your neighborhood, it is up to each watch group to determine how often they want to meet. We'll provide newsletters for you to email or distribute to your neighbors, and you will be added to our confidential email list to receive important notifications. For those interested, we can also make additional presentations to your neighborhood or group throughout the year.

A Few of the Presentation Topics Available to Citizens:
  • Home Security
  • Scams and Identity Theft
  • Internet Safety
  • Investment Fraud
  • Drug Awareness
  • Firearm Safety
  • Map Your Neighborhood for emergency preparedness

More Information

Please note: for the City of Spokane, please contact our partner organization, C.O.P.S. by visiting their website or calling 509-835-4592.

Spokane County Crime Prevention Office at the Valley Mall

Go to the main mall entrance on the West side. Take the escalators upstairs and turn to your left. We are next to Silver Safari and the children's play area. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, and sometimes on Saturdays, but please call to be sure we are available if you need to meet with someone. If for some reason you don't find the door open, we hope you will understand that volunteers staff the front desk and sometimes are not able to make it due to illness or other commitments.