Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Spokane County Interstate Fair! We are always looking for exhibitors that have new and different products from those we currently present. Whether you're interested in showcasing your business or offering the latest and greatest food "on a stick," you must first apply!

How to Apply

Please complete the Spokane County Interstate Fair Vendor Application (PDF), and submit it by one of three methods:
  • Fax: 509-477-8926
  •  Email
  • Mail to:
    Spokane County Interstate Fair
    404 N Havana Street, Suite 1
    Spokane Valley, WA 99202-4663

All applications will receive a date stamp upon arrival and be placed on our waiting list in the order they were received.  

Past Fair Attendance

The Interstate Fair attracts approximately 200,000 guests through our gates annually. Just imagine the foot traffic that could be coming your way!
  • 2016 - 196,492
  • 2015 - 194,424
  • 2014 - 189,450
  • 2013 - 188,070
  • 2012 - 207,550
  • 2011 - 189,900
  • 2010 - 195,255
  • 2009 - 227,075
  • 2008 - 242,159
  • 2007 - 235,010
  • 2006 - 218,789
  • 2005 - 193,301
  • 2004 - 189,066
  • 2003 - 211,436
  • 2002 - 229,378
  • 2001 - 231,152
  • 2000 - 239,198

Number of Exhibitors

There are approximately 200 exhibitors occupying over 300 commercial exhibit spaces. These include exhibitors in Bay 1, Bay 2, Bay 3, the Plaza, as well as those covering dozens of acres of outside space. And who can forget those ever popular food vendors.  For an accurate accounting of exhibitors, please see our Fair Recap pages.

Process for Acceptance 

At the Interstate Fair, previous exhibitors and concessionaires are given first opportunity to contract for the same space unless performance has been unsatisfactory. Because of the large number of requests for space and the large percentage of exhibitors and concessionaires who wish to return each year, we usually only have limited space available to new applicants or current exhibitors who wish additional space. Therefore, it is usually April or May before space vacancies can be determined for new applicants. Anyone who would like to become an Exhibitor or Food Vendor must go through the application process first. All Exhibitors and Vendors offered a contract are selected from a list compiled in the order the applications are received. A member of the Interstate Fair Staff will contact you if your application is selected.

Further Questions

If you have any questions, please contact our concessions and exhibits staff at (509) 477-2772.