Green Fees

New in 2017
​Weekday Rates and Senior Discounts Now Include Fridays at All Courses

Friday rates are:
  • $32 for 18 holes (vs. $36 on Sat-Sun)
  • $26 for 18 holes with an Adult Discount Card (vs. $29 on Sat-Sun)
  • $25 for 18 holes with a Senior Discount Card (vs. $29 on Sat-Sun)
  • 9-hole rate of $24 ($20 with Discount Card) is also available on Fridays.
  • Senior 10-Play, 30-Play, 50-Play, and Season Passes are also accepted on Fridays at all courses.
    • Note:  since 2016, Senior 10-Play, 30-Play, and 50-Play Passes are accepted at Liberty Lake seven days a week.

​Enjoy Twilight Golf at Liberty Lake and Hangman Valley Two Hours Prior to Sunset

(Not All-You-Can-Play)

Liberty Lake:  Fri-Sun. $16 for 9 holes.
Hangman Valley:  Everyday.  $16 for 9 holes, $10 for 4 or 5-hole loop.

College Student Discount after 3pm everyday

  • $24 for 18 holes ($20 with Discount Card)

Replay Rates Now Available

  • Replay 18:  $26 weekday, $29 weekend
  • Replay 9:  $16 weekday, $18 weekend

9-Hole Rates Now Available on Weekends, Even in the Morning

  • $27 with a Discount Card, $29 without

9-Hole Trail Fee Now Available

  • $8 for 9 holes
  • $12 for 18 holes

How Washington State Minimum Wage Initiative 1433 and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (aka Obamacare) Affect Your Golf Rates

Washington State voters approved the Initiative to increase the state's minimum wage from $9.47 in 2016 to:
  • $11.00 in 2017 (16.2% increase annually),
  • $11.50 in 2018 (4.5% increase annually; 21.4% increase from 2016),
  • $12.00 in 2019 (4.3% increase annually; 26.7% increase from 2016), and
  • $13.50 in 2020 (12.5% increase annually; 42.6% increase from 2016).
In addition, the ACA requires that we offer medical insurance coverage to any seasonal employees who work close to full time for more than 6 months in a 12-month period.

As a direct result of the Initiative and ACA, the costs of hiring seasonal employees to maintain the golf courses go up significantly.  Indirect implications include increases in the costs of supplies and outside services required to maintain the golf courses.  While we have striven to mitigate the effect by cutting costs wherever we can and improving efficiency, certain increases in expense are unavoidable.

To provide you with the same high quality of experience at our golf courses, we have implemented certain increases in our rates.  Please rest assure that 100% of your green and trail fees go toward operation, maintenance, and improvement of the golf courses ground and infrastructure.  We offer many discount programs to help keep your per round cost down.  Please see Deals and Specials for more details.

We still offer one of the most affordable golf in the country.  Thank you for your continuing support of Spokane County Golf Courses!

Financial Policy

100% of green fee revenues go toward operation, maintenance, and improvement to the golf course ground and infrastructure. We operate similar to a not-for-profit organization. In fact, donations to Spokane County Golf Courses may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purpose.

All three courses charge one set of fees which include all applicable taxes.

All golf passes may be purchased at the golf courses or at the Parks, Recreation and Golf Administrative Office.