Completed Projects

  1. CARA Wastewater Evaluation

    Spokane County performed a review of a portion of the Critical Aquifer Recharge Area (CARA) requirements relating to non-residential wastewater regulations outside the Urban Growth Area (UGA) Boundary.

  2. Little Spokane Groundwater Inventory & Mapping

    The goal of the Little Spokane Groundwater Inventory and Mapping project is to develop a database of available information in tabular and GIS formats for use in intermediate estimates of water use, recharge, well yields and eventual use in the development of a numerical groundwater flow model.

  3. NPS Assessment

    The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate existing scientific data to quantify nonpoint source (NPS) phosphorus loads in the Spokane River/Lake Spokane watershed.

  4. Water Availability Standard

    A work group of local stakeholders including local government, home builders, developers, hydrogeologists, realtors and environmental groups is meeting to develop recommendations for consideration by local decision makers.

  5. Water Demand Forecast Model

    In 2010 Spokane County Water Resources in conjunction with the consulting firms Tetra Tech and CDM developed a Water Demand Forecast Model. The model is capable of forecasting demand for numerous water use sectors, at various spatial scales and time horizons.

  6. West Plains Geophysical Orientation Survey

    Geophysical methods can measure physical properties at the ground surface and the data used to infer the composition of the subsurface.

  7. WRIA 55 / 57 Wetland Restoration & Storage

    Spokane County Water Resources is managing a study to investigate methods to increase surface water stream flow in WRIAs 55 and 57 during low flow summer months.