Continuum of Care

Regional Continuum of Care

Spokane County partnered with the Regional Continuum of Care (CoC) and has representation on the Interagency Committee to End Homelessness (IAC), is a member of the Spokane Homeless Coalition and participates on multiple subcommittees of these groups. The County also provides representation for “The Hearth Academy”; a group formed to address the changes to the homeless system that will occur with the final rules of the Hearth Act. Planning ahead for the shift in federal priorities for homeless, along with new definition will prove beneficial when the Act’s Rule is released.

The Regional Governance Council, established for the purposes of the CoC, has an application review team in which the County participates. This interaction helps the County keep abreast of the projects/activities funded by the Human Services Department of the City of Spokane and assures that the county also provides similar homeless services to County citizens when they are in need. In this way, Spokane County hopes to encourage people to reestablish “home” around the County other than within the City of Spokane, should they desire to do so.

Re-Entry Initiative Program

The Re-Entry Initiative (REI) Program is a community re-entry program dedicated to transitioning people who were homeless and in institutional settings into productive citizens, working and living in homes with limited to no subsidy. Funding for the REI Program is from HHAA. SNAP, a non-profit community Action Agency which has been working to end homelessness in Spokane County for over 20 years, is a partner with the County’s REI Program. REI allows for people who will exit homeless to apply for housing assistance before they leave or shortly after release from corrections facilities. The Program will increase the number of courts and agencies participating as it gains momentum and partners with the goal of preventing homelessness, through diversion from the traditional shelter system.

Consolidated Homeless Grant Program

The Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) is a new grant provided by the Washington State Department of Commerce. The CHG combines homeless resources into 1 grant opportunity. The City of Spokane has taken responsibility for the CHG within the City. This means that the County program is limited to County residents. The CHG is designed to help prevent homelessness or quickly re-house households who are unsheltered. Spokane County will fund rental assistance through the Supportive Living Division, which assists disabled persons with permanent housing and may include supportive services. More on the Supportive Living Program is mentioned under HOME TBRA and Special Needs.

Homeless Prevention Response Program

The HHAA funded Homeless Prevention Program, which expanded from the success of our federal funded HPRP program, continues to help county renters threatened with eviction . The HPRP program provides short-term or medium-term rental assistance and stabilization services, including mediation, credit counseling, utility payments and case management. The Homeless Prevention Program serves County renters exclusive of the City of Spokane. SNAP, a non-profit community Action Agency which has been working to end homelessness in Spokane County for over 20 years, is a partner with the County’s HPRP program.

Please contact our office by calling 509-477-2588, if you are interested in participating or have any questions on the process.